Urban Lotus Yoga 773-278-4122 Info@urbanlotusChicago.com

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Urban Lotus Yoga Chicago
2950 w Chicago Ave Suite #201
Chicago, IL 60622

We invite you to a new Yoga and movement space
created for the community. Come and share your inspiration and creativity to energize and nurture
Urban Lotus Yoga!

For Daily updates on Subs and  Cancellations visit us at
Urban Lotus on FaceBook

Urban Lotus offers Group and Private Yoga instruction, Fire/Flag Spinning, Thai Bodywork,
Acro Yoga, special workshops and events!

A new studio where traditional teachings meet
contemporary application.

The body is your temple. 
Keep it pure and
clean for the soul to reside in.        -B.K.S. Iyengar

When the winds of change blow,
some people build walls and others
 build windmills.                                      -Chinese Proverb

In September 2010 Urban Lotus was chosen to be YogaAid ambassador to the downtown Chicago fundraiser. We would like to Give Love to all our friends that made our studio possible. To donate visit YogaAid.com

Urban Lotus Yoga